Our deposit return system

20 years of producer responsibility across sectors

20 years before climate change finally became the most
serious issue on the world agenda, Denmark established a deposit system, which other countries and companies are now looking to for inspiration. If emulated across the world, it could be a sensible solution to some of the major challenges we are facing today. We want to tell the story of how it all began and found its form.


Estimated number of bottles and cans delivered per today in 2024

Behind the scene

More than five million bottles and cans are returned through reverse vending machines every day in Denmark. But what happens when the consumer let go of the bottle or can and redeem their deposit?
Take the journey from a bottle’s perspective and discover how your bottle – or can for that matter – is collected and sorted, so the materials are recycled into new bottles and cans in a closed loop.
In Denmark, we have one of the world’s best deposit systems. 93% of all bottles and cans are returned in our deposit system. 

For companies

Find out who should sign up for the deposit system, and get started on the sign-up process easily. You can also access information about our partnerships.