Management and Board of Directors

Read about the Management Team, Ownership, and Board of Directors of Dansk Retursystem

Dansk Retursystem was established in 2000 as a limited-liability company with four owners. The Statutory Order on Deposits specified that the company should be non-profit. This ensures that the only purpose of the deposit and return system is to recycle as many empty bottles and cans as possible into new bottles and cans. 

Dansk Retursystem is therefore an example of public authorities and private companies collaborating on a project to benefit society. 

The key partners in the Danish deposit and return system are represented on Dansk Retursystem’s Board of Directors: the breweries, the importers of beverages on which deposits are payable and the retail trade, which is required to receive the empty bottles and cans returned by consumers. 

Board of directors

The Articles of Association require the Chair of the Board of Directors to be non-partisan and unconnected to any of the partners involved. 

Chair of the Board 
  • Thomas Dalsgaard 
Members of the Board 
  • Niels Hald, Secretary General, Danish Brewers’Association 
  • Vice President Peter Haahr Nielsen, Sales Off Trade, Carlsberg Danmark A/S
  • Financial Service Director Klavs Kirkedal, Carlsberg Danmark A/S 
  • Head of Markets Lotte Engbæk Larsen, Confederation of Danish Enterprise 
  • VP Customer Supply Chain Jan Breinholt, Carlsberg Supply Company Danmark A/S 
  • Senior Supply Chain Development Manager Lene Borne Jørgensen, Carlsberg Supply Company Danmark A/S. 
  • Supply Chain Director Denmark Søren Lisberg, Royal Unibrew A/S Denmark 
  • Managing Director Carsten Nørland, Royal Unibrew A/S Denmark 
  • Salgsdirektør Klavs Husmand, Harboes Bryggeri A/S 
  • Director Henrik Kirketerp, Coop Invest A/S 
  • Group General Councel Jakob Røddik Thøgersen, Salling Group 
  • Deputy Director Claus Bøgelund Kegel Nielsen, De Samvirkende Købmænd (Association of Danish Grocers) 

Breweries own Dansk Retursystem. The retail trade and importers sit on Board of Directors. 

Management Team

Directly to you. That’s n advantage for both consumers, who receive their deposits faster, and for us, as we have to empty stations less frequently when cans and bottles are flattened and therefore take up less space.

Lars Krejberg Petersen
Chief Executive Officer
Heidi Schütt Larsen
Deputy CEO and Director of Circular Economy
Helle Psilander
Director of Human Resources
Kurt Svendsen
Director of Supply Chain
Lars Klepsch
Chief Financial Officer
Marlene Holmgaard Fris
Director of Markets