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All commercial enterprises that sell, supply or transfer beverages in one-way packaging on the Danish market are obliged to take back deposit-marked one-way packaging from end consumers.

These enterprises are referred to as returns recipients and, as such, they have the option to register for the collection scheme of Dansk Retursystem. 

Only collection in Denmark 

Only commercial enterprises based in Denmark can register for the collection scheme. Dansk Retursystem is only able to collect one-way bottles and cans in Denmark. The scheme does not cover the Faroe Islands and Greenland. 

Fixed place of business 

As a general rule, any collection must take place at a fixed collection location. It is therefore not possible to request Dansk Retursystem to switch collections from one location to another or to collect from a location not connected to the enterprise in question. However, there are exceptions to this rule (see section below). 

Regular collections 

You must have a regular collection requirement to register for the collection scheme. This means that, if Dansk Retursystem has not made at least one collection in the previous 6 months, we can decide whether you can continue to be registered on the scheme. However, there are exceptions to this rule (see section below). 

Exceptions for no fixed place of business and/or non-standard collection 

It is also possible to register for the collection scheme even if the collections switch from one location to another or if they have to be made from locations other than normal business premises and/or at different times compared with normal collections. 

In these circumstances, the following conditions apply: 

  • the events include such things as festivals, markets, fetes, sporting events, etc.; 
  • there must be some sort of obligation to take back packaging at the location; 
  • collections must be made in Denmark; and 
  • there must be a special collection need, which is assessed in relation to the size of the event and the environmental impact if no collection takes place. 

In practice, collections will usually be tailored to the individual event. 

Collection of glass bottles in pallet boxes

If you have registered for glass bottles to be collected in collapsible pallet boxes, Dansk Retursystem will calculate how many of each you will need to use and our drivers will deliver them to you. Collapsible pallet boxes are always supplied with lids.

When registering, you will also receive a starter pack by post containing: 100 black tie strips for closing the box, 25 locking cleats and 25 tie strips and barcodes for marking them. The barcodes tell us to whom the pallet boxes and containers belong and allocate a unique serial number to each one. You can order more closing kits on an ongoing basis. You pay a deposit of DKK 10 for each kit, which is refunded together with the deposits on the glass bottles returned. If you lose a barcode or one is damaged, you can order a replacement at a cost of DKK 5 each. This amount will not be refunded.

Please note that we will not refund your deposits if you use damaged or incorrect barcodes or barcodes allocated to others.

Dansk Retursystem charges a deposit for a collapsible pallet boxes. Currently, the deposits are:

  • DKK 1,200 excluding VAT

If you require additional pallet boxes or collapsible pallet boxes, contact Dansk Retursystem, which will assess whether the number should be adjusted.

Collection for Importers, Producers, and Intermediaries 

As an importer, producer, intermediary or distributor, you can also register if you have a valid collection requirement. This can be either because your enterprise deals directly with end users or because you have mistakenly taken back packaging that should have been collected by Dansk Retursystem. 

By agreement with Dansk Retursystem, you may also register for the collection scheme as an importer, producer or intermediary if you collect one-way packaging from your customers, if these customers are not shops. 

If you wish to have this type of arrangement, you can contact Customer Center at +45 43 32 32 32 or by e-mail.

Handling remuneration

The handling remuneration is paid as compensation for being obliged to take back, sort and get deposit marked bottles and cans ready for collection.

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Rules for returning packaging

All shops and other similar enterprises that sell, supply or transfer beverages on which deposits are payable must comply with the rules for returning packaging. 

This means that, as a general rule, they must charge a deposit on bottles or cans when they sell or transfer beverages on which deposits are payable. They must also take back the empty bottles or cans handed in by customers, including any tops and labels, and refund the deposits on them. 

Dansk Retursystem will subsequently refund the deposits that you have paid back to your customers. 

Permanent obligation to take back deposit-marked packaging 

All sales and delivery locations are generally obligated to permanently take back deposit-marked packaging. 

This means that, for example, a shop must permanently take back the types of one-way bottles and cans it has previously sold. 

Dansk Retursystem collects all the one-way packaging free of charge and refunds the deposits after the packaging has been counted. 

This permanent obligation also covers refillable bottles. This means that, for example, a shop must permanently take back the types of refillable bottles and cans it has previously sold. This obligation also extends to the producers or suppliers of the refillable bottles, who will continue to be obligated to collect the empty packaging from their customers. Only the Danish Environmental Protection Agency can dispense from this permanent obligation to take back deposit-marked packaging. 

Varying rules for returning packaging 

The rules for returning packaging vary slightly depending on whether the packaging is a refillable bottle or whether it is a one-way bottle or can. In addition, the rules vary for beverages that are consumed on the premises where they are sold or transferred, such as at restaurants and office-based companies, and beverages that can be taken away and consumed elsewhere, such as at home, when purchased from a shop. 

Bottles and cans without the Danish deposit mark 

Shops and other sales outlets may voluntarily take back one-way bottles and cans that consumers have purchased outside Denmark. Dansk Retursystem will collect them together with the one-way packaging with the Danish deposit mark, but we do not refund the deposits for these items. 

Although the rules for returning packaging do not cover wine and spirits bottles, some store chains and producers have introduced a separate deposit system for these, such as for schnapps packaging. Dansk Retursystem neither collects these bottles nor refunds the deposits on them. 

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Here, we have prepared a list of some of the questions we are most frequently asked.

What are the rules and obligations for stores with reverse vending machines?
Rules for one-way packaging 

Shops and other sales outlets with a reverse vending machine must take back and refund the deposits for all types of one-way bottles and cans bearing the Danish deposit mark irrespective of the type of one-way bottles or cans that the shops sell. 

You do, however, have the right to refuse a bottle or can that is so damaged or dirty that the deposit mark and barcode cannot be scanned electronically. 

Rules for refillable packaging 

Shops must take back the types of refillable bottles that they sell. In addition, they must take back other refillable bottles that are similar to the ones they sell, meaning bottles of the same shape, volume, outer diameter and height: that is, bottles that can fit into the crates provided by their suppliers. 

No special rules 

You may not set a limit for the amount of packaging that you take back. You may not stipulate the times for the delivery of empty packaging and the refunding of deposits. 

The rules for returning packaging also apply when a reverse vending machine has broken down or is out of action for any other reason. In this situation, you must take back the empty packaging manually and refund the deposits to your customers. 

Deposit receipt 

A deposit receipt is deemed to be a debt instrument, and the customer has a right to a refund for its monetary value. Companies cannot set rules on refunding the deposit value, such as requiring customers to buy products for the value of the refund due. 

The deposit regulations do not stipulate for how long a deposit receipt is valid, but this is governed by the Danish Statutory Limitations Act and by the Danish Marketing Practices Act. As a general rule, a deposit receipt is valid for up to 3 years. However, specific circumstances can result in a shorter validity. Contact your head office or supplier for further information. 

Beer and soft drink crates 

The statutory order does not regulate the obligation to take back beer and soft drink crates; this is based on an agreement between the grocery trade and the brewing industry. In practice, this means that shops are obligated to take back crates from the suppliers whose products they sell. Contact your head office or supplier for further information. 

Can I loan or borrow equipment from Dansk Retursystem?

Depending on which technical equipment from Dansk Retursystem you have connected to your reverse vending machine, we will enter into either a loan contract or a rental contract with you. 

In addition, borrowing or renting technical equipment for use by a returns recipient is subject to the general standard terms and conditions of Dansk Retursystem. 

Whether you borrow or rent technical equipment from Dansk Retursystem, you are responsible for the daily maintenance and cleaning of the equipment to prevent it from deteriorating more than from normal wear and tear. However, breakdowns and faults must always be reported to Dansk Retursystem, which will try to rectify the problem as quickly as possible. 

The technical equipment remains the property of Dansk Retursystem and may not be rented out or transferred to a third party without approval. The equipment must be returned to Dansk Retursystem when the contract is terminated or where a company stops trading. 

The terms and conditions in your rental contract, and any appendixes, always apply. 

Borrowing a camera and central control unit 

You can borrow a camera and a central control unit for your reverse vending machine free of charge. This is subject to a specific loan contract. 

In addition, general standard terms and conditions apply. For existing contracts, you must comply with the general standard terms and conditions that applied when the contract was first entered into, which you received at that time. 

Renting a sealed container system or compactor system 

We will enter into a specific rental contract if you install a sealed container system or a compactor system. 

How much you pay to rent the equipment is based on the quantity of one-way bottles and cans you take back each year. The more you take back, including glass bottles, the less you pay in rent. Rental is free if you take back sufficiently large quantities. 

However, many fewer bottles and cans need to be taken back to rent a sealed container system free of charge compared with a compactor system. The reason for the difference is that a compactor system is much more expensive to purchase and operate. 

The rent is adjusted according to the rental prices and threshold values applying at the time the contract was entered into, and as detailed in your rental contract. 

Dansk Retursystem A/S adjusts your rent annually if the quantity of packaging you take back changes. Your rent will be lower, or possibly zero, if you take back more packaging. Conversely, if you take back less packaging, your rent will increase or, if the rent is currently zero, you may end up paying rent. 

In addition, general standard terms and conditions apply. For existing contracts, you must comply with the general standard terms and conditions that applied when the contract was first entered into, which you received at that time. 

What are the rules and obligations for offices, restaurants, canteens and the likes?

All enterprises or individuals selling or supplying beverages on which deposits are payable must charge a deposit on each bottle or can and refund the deposit value when a customer hands back the empty bottle or can. 

In principle, this also applies to selling or transferring beverages in a canteen, restaurant, café or similar location. Such enterprises do not have to charge a deposit if the sale or transfer takes place in a closed environment in which people do not typically take the bottle or can away with them. In this situation, you are also only obligated to take back refillable bottles and one-way bottles and cans that you have sold. 

In some situations, whether a sales location is a closed environment or not may not be clear. Under these circumstances, any decision will be based on individual assessment. 

If it is equally as easy for customers to take their beverages with them as it is to drink them on site, the assessment will most often conclude that the location has an open environment. Conversely, if it is more natural to enjoy the product on site and then leave the bottle or can behind, a closed environment is likely to be the conclusion. 

Please note that, pursuant to the Danish Marketing Practices Act, you must inform customers, either on the receipt or in some other way, whether any deposit will be charged.