Refillable packaging

Refillable packaging covered by the deposit and return system is packaging made of glass and plastic that is returned, washed and refilled. Refillable packaging is not deposit marked. 

Refillable packaging covered by the deposit and return system is packaging made of glass and plastic that is returned, washed and refilled by the producer. Refillable packaging must not be deposit marked, and there are therefore other requirements for scanning refillable packaging to enable the deposit to be refunded to consumers. 

A requirement for refillable packaging is that producers are responsible for collecting the deposit. They must also refund the deposit when they collect the packaging. Dansk Retursystem does not collect this type of packaging for you or your customers, and you should therefore have the necessary logistics to organize collections that can result in a high return percentage. 

You are always welcome to contact Dansk Retursystem to discuss the possibilities of registering packaging as refillable packaging. 

How to apply to register an item of refillable packaging 
  • Apply to register packaging (requires you to register and log in). Please contact the Quality and Packaging Department if you have not registered your details or want to fill in the application form on paper. 
  • Once we have received your request to register, we will send you a questionnaire, which you need to fill out. 
  • Once we have received the filled-out questionnaire, we can assess whether your product may be registered as refillable packaging. We may require additional documentation showing that you conform to the current rules for registering refillable packaging. 
  • Dansk Retursystem will then make a decision on your application to register. If your product can be registered as refillable, we will send you a registration certificate together with our decision. If you no longer satisfy the conditions for registering at some point – such as changed circumstances – the registration will be rescinded and you will have to reapply. 
Conditions for registering products in refillable packaging 

If you want to register products in refillable packaging, you must fulfil several conditions laid down in the Statutory Order. If you are not able to fulfil the conditions, Dansk Retursystem A/S may register your packaging as one-way packaging with secondary marking (self-adhesive label with barcode). 

Main requirements 
  • The packaging must be suitable for refilling: for example, a can cannot be registered as refillable. 
  • You must collect a deposit when marketing the product and must refund the deposit when you collect the empty packaging. 
  • You must document that the packaging is included in a deposit and return system, which you must establish. The deposit and return system must be capable of achieving a return percentage of 98%. This means that you must have a system that collects the packaging from all your customers and then washes and refills it again. Not having a deposit and return system for refillable packaging is a criminal offence. 
  • If the packaging is imported, you must ensure that the packaging is collected and refilled by the producer outside Denmark. You must be able to document this. 
  • When applying to register, you must document that the packaging can achieve a return percentage of 75% after 1 year – and a return percentage equivalent to that of one-way packaging of the same material after 2 years. 
  • You are responsible for recycling the packaging material when the packaging is no longer refillable. 

Please note that the current rules require the following reports: 

  • reporting of sales; 
  • reporting of return volumes; and 
  • annual reporting