Registrering packaging

Products on which deposits are payable must always be registered before they can be marketed. 

If you are an importer or producer and want to sell beverages in Denmark that are covered by the Danish deposit and return system, you must register your packaging and products with Dansk Retursystem. 

Marketing is understood to include any form of selling, supplying, transferring or offering for sale of beverages in restaurants, auction houses, bankruptcy sales, shops, professional businesses, warehouses, mobile units, festivals, via the Internet, on board domestic flights in Denmark and to one’s own employees etc. 

When registering the packaging, Dansk Retursystem ensures that the reverse vending machines in shops throughout Denmark will recognize the packaging returned by consumers. 

Registration process 

To register an item of packaging or a product, you log in to our portal for importers and producers – However, before you register the packaging or product, you should decide whether to register the packaging as refillable or one-way packaging. 

Refillable packaging 

Refillable packaging is suitable for reuse and refilling. You need to organize a system for collecting the refillable packaging, and there are more requirements connected with registering refillable packaging. 

One-way packaging 

One-way packaging is packaging that is only used once before the material is recycled and is therefore collected by Dansk Retursystem from the return recipient. Dansk Retursystem is responsible for recycling the packaging, ensuring that the used bottles and cans are turned into new equivalents to the greatest extent possible. 

The packaging must be deposit marked before being marketed. 

Start registering the packaging well in advance 

Dansk Retursystem will decide within 4 weeks whether a product can be registered. This requires, however, that Dansk Retursystem receives a correctly filled-in registration form and any additional documentation; that Dansk Retursystem receives two examples of the packaging for each product variant (flavour variant); and that the deposit marking for the packaging conforms to the requirements laid down in the Statutory Order on marking disposable packaging. Starting the registration process well in advance is always a good idea. 

We need to see the packaging 

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to supply two or more samples of the relevant packaging to Dansk Retursystem A/S. This applies irrespective of whether you are registering refillable or one-way packaging. This is to ensure that the deposit is correctly scanned and refunded. We will provide more information about this at the time of registration. 

Registration of the first item of packaging in one calendar year costs DKK 2,000. Registration of additional packaging in the same year is free. 

Registration required before marketing 

Products on which deposits are payable must always be registered before they can be marketed. We will send you a written confirmation no later than 1 week after we have received your application and all the necessary information. Once all the registration requirements have been fulfilled, you may market and sell the relevant products no later than 4 weeks after we have received your application. The actual date will be indicated on the registration confirmation we send you when the registration process is completed.