Get off to a good start selling deposit-labelled beverages

Do you have to register your company?

If you are producing or importing beverages to Denmark which are required deposit-labels, your business must be registered within the deposit system. It is a combination of the content and the packaging, which constitutes a “beverage”, that determines whether it must be deposit labeled. It is a political decision, which beverages, are covered by Dansk Retursystem. You can find information about this and more below.

YES – You must register with the deposit system

These beverages and packaging types must be registered with the deposit system and carry deposit mark.

  • Beer
  • Carbonated beverages (e.g., soda with an alcohol content of 0-0,5%).
  • Other fermented beverages (e.g., cider, with an alcohol content under 10%)
  • Mixed products based on liquor, wine or other fermented beverages and mixed with beverages like soda, cider, or juice (e.g., alcohol soda (RTD/Ready-to-drink) with an alcohol content of 0,5-10%.
  • Mineral water, spring water, water, lemonade, iced tea and others which are similarly immediate drinkable and non-carbonated
  • Concentrate juice, that must be diluted before consumption
  • Pure juice, fruit drinks or drinkable fruit/vegetable beverages
  • Smoothies (without milk)
  • Plant based beverages
  • Cans or bottles made of glass, aluminum, plastic, and steel
NO – You do not have to register with the deposit system

These beverages and packaging types do not initially have to be registered in the deposit system,
and therefore must not carry the deposit mark.

  • Milk products and products based of milk
  • Products that are not designed as beverages, such as supplements, flavorings for drinks and food
    – please contact us if so
  • Wine, liquor, spirits, and other fermented beverages with an alcohol percentage above 10%
  • Carton packaging.
  • Packaging of 20 liters or more.
  • Plastic cans of more than 10 liters with still water (uncarbonated).
  • Juice concentrate in packaging of more than 4,9 ml.
  • Juice-shots in glass or plastic packaging under or equal to 125 ml, must apply for a waiver, despite being a part of the deposit system.
MAYBE- you might have to register with the deposit system

These beverages and packaging types might have to be registered in the deposit system, and you must therefore contact us for more information.  

  • Products that are not designed as beverages, such as supplements or flavorings
  • Certain kegs, that are not meant to be hooked up to bottling plant.
  • Juice-shots in glass or plastic packaging under or equal to 125 ml, must apply for a waiver, despite being a part of the deposit system.

This is how registration takes place

When you have identified which beverages must carry the deposit mark, it is then time to register your company in the deposit system. It takes approximately 2-3 days. Afterwards, you must register every type of beverages and send us an empty sample of each variant. Then we will test, if the barcode is readable and the Reverse Vending Machine will return payout to consumers. This takes 1-2 weeks. Before promoting and selling your beverages, they will all need to be marked with the deposit mark or label.
We will recommend you watch the video about how the registration takes place.

Good to know before you register …

To be as prepared as possible and to ensure you get your company and products registered as swiftly as possible, there is some information worth having ready and being aware of before registration. Click the headers below to learn more.

What does it cost to register in the deposit system?

There is no charge for registration to the deposit system. It is only when registering beverages, a fee will apply.

Dansk Retursystem is a non-profit company. Therefore, as a producer or importer, you are only paying for covering your own operating expenses through the deposit system.

Registration of your company

This is good to have ready before registering yourselves:

  • Company CVR
  • Potential storage address. This is especially necessary if your sell of your address
  • Who is assigned as primary contact person, and other staff who should potentially have access to registration of products, purchase of deposit labels and sales reporting
Are you selling from your address?

Only relevant if you need deposit labels

If you have a shop or store, it must be minimum 1 km from the place, you apply the deposit labels. It could potentially be a warehouse or similar. Both the warehouse and place of sale must be fully disclosed to Dansk Retursystem. The 1 km rule also applies for unused deposit labels, because both labels and products unlabeled can be impounded by tax administration (SKAT).

Registration of your product(s)

Have this ready before registration of your company and product(s):

  • Product name
  • Barcode (if no barcode, please inform us)
  • Packaging material (if plastic, examine which type of plastic you use)
  • Packaging weight while empty (e.g., use a baking scale etc.)

Packaging registration happens via the registration portal

When you register your products, you will be asked to send or hand in one empty sample of each variety to our main office at Høje Taastrup. We need to test these samples, to ensure the barcode etc. is readable and the deposit will payout the returns.

When we have received the sample and your online registration, the process will take 1-2 weeks.

Primary marking and collateral guarantee

First time you register primary marking, you are required to place a collateral guarantee. The collateral must be registered as paid before your products can be fully registered.

When you wish to register products with primary marking (direct print of the barcode and deposit mark), we must ensure that the labeling fulfills the requirements of the “statuary order of deposit and return[1]” Therefore, you must send in a PDF file of the label’s layout, as well as the physical sample. This PDF print file must be formatted to 100% size.

The Danish deposit mark is a registered trademark license, owned by Dansk Retursystem. You can choose between M1 and M2.

M1: This is a global barcode, which can be registered by multiple providers both in Denmark and abroad. When used outside Denmark, you need to report the sale every month to Dansk Retursystem.

M2: The barcode is unique for the provider and is made for promoting in Denmark. If you sell M2 outside of Denmark, and that is an option, you need to report the sale every month to Dansk Retursystem.

Ordering deposit labels

If you need deposit labels on your products, you first need the products to be fully registered and approved. Hereafter you can order deposit labels in the registration portal.

The price dependents on the category, A, B or C. The prices as follows:

A= 1,00 kr.

B = 1,50 kr.

C = 3,00 kr.

Other than this, a potential operating- or circular economy fee can apply, as an example if a bottle has colored plastic.

Print- and shipping cost is 0,13 kr. pr. deposit label.

Deposit labels can be paid for by dankort or you can choose to receive an invoice prior to the payment. When the amount has been registered and received, the order will be sent.

  • Deposit labels without barcode (M3): 2 business days.
  • Deposit labels with printed barcode (M4): 7 business days.
Registration certificate will have you ready for selling

You can import, sell, and distribute when your Portal profile is updated. As this means your product has been registered. Your will receive an email when your profile is updated.

Starting a new year, you will have to pay a fee the first time you do a registration. You must pay 2.000 kr. (plus VAT) to be permitted to register beverages. This is called the yearly packaging registration fee.

If this your first product registered with primary labeling, you also must provide a collateral guarantee and have this approved.

It is your responsibility, that deposit covered products are deposit labeled. Labeling must be applied prior to reaching the market. As in before being sold or distributed by a producer or importer.

Place of sale. E.g., shops or restaurants are not allowed to place deposit labels themselves, unless they are the ones importing or producing the products. If this is the case, products must be labeled before being reaching the place of sale. This must take place a minimum 1 km from the place of sale as in accordance with the 1 km rule.

From the shelf, to recycling again and again and again …

In Denmark we return more than 5 million bottles and cans with the deposit mark. We have made a movie about the journey of the bottle. It is mostly the same journey for cans, as the central part of it all, is how we make sure they are collected and sorted, so the materials can be recycled for new bottles and can in an enclosed loop. In Denmark, we are among the best in the world at deposit returns. 93% of all bottles and cans, are returned and the quality of the materials remain top notch.

Do you have questions?

We are the Department of Providers, who are always ready to help you

You are always welcome to contact us, if you have questions about registration, your packaging, labels, or something entirely different. We are ready in the Department of Providers to help you Monday to Thursday from 8-16 and Friday from 8-15.30. You are also welcomed to write to us, by filling out this contact form.